Barre Congregational Church

30 Park Street
Barre, Massachusetts
A Message From Pastor Margaret Continued
(Continued from home page)

... that a broader audience had been reached and found the sermons meaningful during a time like this. I also want to thank our Web Manager, Amy T. for diligently publishing our worship services on our Website, and thanks to Janice H. for posting our services on our Facebook page. Lastly, I want to thank my husband, Jim, for the initial video editing of our services. It was amazing to see his commitment and all the hours he spent every weekend for quite a while to help us. Meanwhile I learned how to do the video editing myself (in a simpler way, I should say) and feel quite empowered in the process! While all this was happening, the Deacons, Church Committee and now the Stewardship Committee have been meeting regularly to continue the work of the church. May God bless all of you and your families.

We are entering a phase now where we are discussing what it would take to open the church for in-person services. The Reopening Committee had been meeting a few times and will be in communication with you as a congregation about the way forward. Please keep this Committee and those involved in your prayers. 

This pandemic has not been easy on any of us. It has prevented us from coming together in-person; it has been a
humbling experience for me, and brought me so much closer to God, as I wrestled week after week to find a message
from God to bring to you.

As we contemplate how to move forward, I continue to pray that God will lead all of us to a place of comfort, strong faith, confidence, safety, and peace.

God bless us all.

Pastor Margaret Keyser