Barre Congregational Church

30 Park Street
Barre, Massachusetts
A Message From Pastor Margaret Continued
(Continued from home page)

... Everyone was willing to videotape themselves and provide us with videos to include in our worship services. Our deacons recorded their own readings on a weekly basis, and we gradually were able to put together full worship services with the help of my husband, Jim Ault, who did the editing so it would feel as if we were worshipping together. I made the shift from preaching from the pulpit, to preaching into my phone! What an experience! We have even been able to have communion together! You received these YouTube services via email, and they were posted on our website as well as our Facebook page. I thank Wendy Isgro, our secretary, Amy Trevvett, who manages our website, and Janice Handrahan, who manages our Facebook page, for sending out and posting our services. They worked diligently every week to get things done. Meanwhile the Barre Gazette requested that my written sermons be published in the newspaper, and that was an honor and a blessing for us.

While this has been an incredibly challenging and enormous task at times to get everything done, and everyone learning how to do things virtually, I am so grateful for your patience as a congregation. You may be missing each other, as I do, but I hope you have felt blessed with what we were able to provide, and that you didn’t feel like you wanted to complain (smile), and even if you do feel like you want to, the deacons and I understand that completely!

Meanwhile a committee had been put together to start looking at what it would take to open the church for worship services. This will require creative thinking and careful considerations to ensure the safety of everyone worshipping and other groups using our church building. I ask that you all pray with us that we do things right for the good of everyone, and that when the time comes and we feel comfortable and safe worshipping together physically, that we will say it is good to be together again. But before then, I ask that we all continue to come together in this way for a little longer, while our Committee is doing the ground-work for a safe opening.

I now want to thank God for helping us throughout this time, and for everyone who contributed to making our services so meaningful, and for sharing our services for others to see and read. These are all our deacons, Wendy Isgro, Deb Page, the Morin and Brown families, Kayley Clark all the way from Sweden, Julia Tuttle, Laura Guilbault, Karla Peterson, Jim Ault, Amy Trevvett and the Barre Gazette. May God bless you all!

May we continue to pray to God for protection from this virus, and may you enjoy a beautiful and safe summer with your loved ones. May we declare that God is with us, even though we are going through a dark valley still. Be safe and God bless you!

Pastor Margaret Keyser