Barre Congregational Church

30 Park Street
Barre, Massachusetts
This Month's Message From Pastor Margaret - continued
(continued from home page)

...This November we have the opportunity to get closer to each other as loved ones, 
sharing personal stories and laughing a little more, and showing care to the ones who 
need it most. It is also an opportunity to make a much-needed phone call to those who may 
dread this time of being alone in their homes. There are some of us who love spending time 
alone, and to finally have that opportunity to do so, and then there are others who this time of 
year can be very lonely, so a phone call, to see what they may need, is a wonderful way to do it.

Believe it or not, being involved in church activities is a pleasant and uplifting experience, 
a time to engage in activities such as community suppers, joining the choir or our newly established praise team. 
It gets one out of the house and being with others where relationships are established and strengthened, and it gives
one a routine of doing things with others and gives one a smile on one’s face! Our worship services followed
by our coffee hours are such special times here at church on a Sunday morning. Our Sunday school and
youth activities have picked up with some interesting things going on, so even our young people can keep
themselves busy and at the same time offer their gifts and talents to the church. We had some fun pumpkin
carving before Halloween, and our older children enjoyed a wonderful outing with their leaders recently and
learned what it means to go and do grocery shopping for those in need. This is also the month where our volunteers 
will prepare for our upcoming fair in December. This is an opportunity to get involved and make this
fundraising effort for our church a lovely experience. Additionally, we will have our regular annual wreath
making later this month, so this is another exciting time to come together, keeping busy and having wonderful
chats and laughter. I can only say it makes me feel so good inside to be part of this community of faith.

God is so good to us. God’s mercy and grace are extended to us in many ways at our homes, our workplaces
and here at church. Sometimes we may have challenging situations, but if we decide to run to God for help
and strength, and to come together and find comfort in relationship with one another, that is where we will
feel our inside being blessed with the love we need, and the peace and joy we so often yearn for.
May this November month be a blessing to us, whether we are huddling together at home, or with friends and
the outdoors or here at church. Peace to all of you!

Pastor Margaret Keyser