Barre Congregational Church

30 Park Street
Barre, Massachusetts
This Month's Message From Pastor Margaret - continued
May this writing be a blessing to your hearts and souls. (continued from home page)

... the beautiful and shapely leaves that are pleasing to the eye. This life and this universe are 
extraordinary gifts from God, to cherish and appreciate, and to care for.  Nature has a way of reminding
 us of how good life can be, and how we can enjoy it, and live from it.  It shows us its beauty, its strength,
 and sometimes its unpredictability, but it is an example of being and creating and growing and living, 
and then it sleeps or dies, and then it returns. Nature also shows us how it can stand together in unity. 
We see flocks of birds, of sheep, swarms of bees, colonies of ants, herds of cattle, and more. 
 These animals are huddling together in unity and strength to protect and increase their chances of 
survival, and they do it in a visible way out in the fields, in the sky, on the ground and in their nests.  
Then there are times when it is necessary to kill a prey to survive, and to remain alive.

As I am reflecting on this new life in nature, I have seen the same new life in our church during the last year. I have seen how our committees and volunteers are actively working together to fulfill the mission of our congregation in various ways, from making our worship services a wonderful and joyful experience through word and song, giving our children a wonderful experience during church and Sunday School, serving the community through our community suppers once a month, and then there are those who take care of our church and finances, and we cannot thank them enough for their diligence in this regard. Please take your time to go through the pages of this Spire to see how God has blessed us with this new life we have embraced!

Christ has also been with us as we explored the decision to make me a settled pastor here at our church. It is such a blessing for me and so we will have my Installation on Sunday, May 5th at 10a.m. Please have a look at the Save the Date inside and make a note of it in your calendar. We hope and pray that as many of our members and friends will attend this important event for our church.  Christ continues to bless our church and give it life as we come together to love and serve. Christ sets the example for us
 in death and in life. He lived a life of peace and love and togetherness. With His Resurrection story still fresh in our minds and hearts, we are grateful for how He gave us a sense of hope for our lives. He forgave us our sins, and He taught the lessons of forgiveness that leads to peace and joy. His resurrection presents us with life beyond crisis, anger, hatred and more.  He calls 
us to forgive, to live in harmony and care for each other and for this earth. Our church and this world need us all to be instruments
 of love, peace, and transformation!

​May this writing be a blessing to your hearts and souls.

Pastor Margaret Keyser