Barre Congregational Church

30 Park Street
Barre, Massachusetts
A Message From Pastor Margaret

This month of June we have lots to be 
grateful for. For a few weeks now we have 
been enjoying and wandering through the 
beautiful spaces of this season of Spring. 
We have been showered by the beauty and 
aromas coming at us from all directions, 
from the amazing trees and shrubs, and
the most delightful gardens, small and large,
 to the sights and sounds of different species 
of birds, bees, and a few butterflies. We 
have experienced the blessings from God in 
more ways than one. Some have put their 
hands to work in the garden soil, and we 
are seeing our farmers hard at work 
preparing and planting for this new season. 
Others are simply enjoying the beauty of it all. This season brings a change so needed after a long winter. Our different seasons present different realities to us, and we engage with them in different ways throughout the year. We observe the rhythm of our seasons, and we go with it, and live through it and when we look back, we see the
changes around us and inside ourselves.

These seasonal changes are important metaphors for our own life changes. We change all the time. We learn and we grow, we hold on or we let go of things in life. We encounter new people and experiences, and we move forward, incorporating these changes in our lives as we take the next step forward. Sometimes we are stuck, due to unforeseen circumstances, things that happen that make it hard to move forward. 

These changes in our lives are not always easy, but they are part of our growing into the human beings God wants us to become. While our personal lives change all the time, sometimes for the good, such as birthdays and anniversaries, and graduations and new jobs, and sometimes not so good, when we experience illness and even death of a loved one, and when we go through financial or other personal struggles, we know that we have God as our companion to be with us through it all. We have the promise of Christ that when He left to sit at the right hand of God, that His disciples needed not worry, because they were not alone. He made sure they would have the Holy Spirit with them. And this is the promise of Pentecost that God is with us always. Pentecost reassures us and Pentecost gives us hope for this life and beyond. We have this extraordinary opportunity to walk with God in the
Spirit, to approach all seasonal changes with this hope that God comforts us, and in time makes all things new when we believe.

This promise is for all of us, irrespective of who we are. God’s human garden consists of all God’s children, with their diverse looks and sounds and beliefs and convictions. We are all precious in God’s eyes, and God wants to nurture us always. May God help us see this and may we experience the ongoing showering of God’s blessings in our lives. Amen

Pastor Margaret Keyser

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Community Friendship Suppers (CFS) 
We are so happy to be able to welcome members of our community to a meal prepared by our Community Friendship Supper volunteers. We are offering to-go meals on the third Thursday of every month, between 5:30-6:30 p.m.

From the Church Committee
​Lights and Locks. Just a reminder that if you come
into the church and turn on lights, please make sure
the lights are turned off before you leave the church.
Also, make sure the doors are locked.

The Church Committee would like to remind everyone that the daily functioning of the church continues. They remind you to please keep up your pledges and donations to the church even in these challenging times. Donations can be submitted through the "Donate" page on this website or mailed to:

Margaret Marshall
169 Sunrise Ave
Barre, MA 01005

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A congregation of the United Church of Christ, Barre Congregational Church (BCCUCC) is located on the Common in Barre, Massachusetts. We are a caring community of Christ committed to reaching out into the wider community. We offer ourselves as ministers of grace, healing, understanding, inclusiveness, reconciliation, and joy for the sake of showing our love for Jesus.

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