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Barre, Massachusetts
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Welcoming & Serving the Quabbin Area
Worship Services:
Sundays at 9:30 a.m.
PLEASE NOTE: We will be holding virtual Sunday services - please watch below!
NOTE: Due to precautions related to the coronavirus, events scheduled in August may 
be postponed or rescheduled. Please check with the event organizers for the latest information
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From the Missions Committee
The Missions Committee could 
use your help. We are looking 
for volunteers to help with the 
Community Friendship Suppers. 
We would welcome any help with
room or food preparation, serving,
dishwashing, clean up... All 
assistance welcome! 

We always like to serve desserts
at the dinners. If you can’t help out 
at the supper, a dessert 
donation would be greatly appreciated.

For more information, please see or call Janice H., chair of the Missions Committee or simply show up on the third Thursday of the month! (note: CFS cancelled until further notice -- we will let you know when we resume our monthly suppers!)

From the Church Committee
The Church Committee would like to remind everyone that the daily functioning of the church continues. They remind you to please keep up your pledges and donations to the church even in these challenging times. Donations can be submitted through the "Donate" page on this website or mailed to:

Margaret Marshall
169 Sunrise Ave
Barre, MA 01005
Some of our talented church family share their gift of music with us during this isolation time. Click on the images below to listen and enjoy!

Message from the Deacons and Pastor Margaret (July 1, 2020)

Pastor Margaret and the Deacons would like to keep you updated on Sunday Services.

A committee had been put together to start looking at what it would take to open the church for worship services. This will require creative thinking and careful considerations to ensure the safety of everyone worshipping and other groups using our church building. I ask that you all pray with us that we do things right for the good of everyone, and that when the time comes and we feel comfortable and safe worshipping together physically, that we will say it is good to be together again. But before then, I ask that we all continue to come together in this way for a little longer, while our Committee is doing the ground-work for a safe opening.

This has been difficult on all of us, but let us join together for a brief time on Sunday morning in worship and prayer.

Please email if you would like to be a part of the service.

Welcome to the Barre Congregational Church Website! 

A congregation of the United Church of Christ, Barre Congregational Church (BCCUCC) is located on the Common in Barre, Massachusetts. We are a caring community of Christ committed to reaching out into the wider community. We offer ourselves as ministers of grace, healing, understanding, inclusiveness, reconciliation, and joy for the sake of showing our love for Jesus.

Our Pastor: Margaret Keyser

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A Message From Pastor Margaret
Let Us Make That Phone Call and See What Happens!

Today I called Bessie Difley and Abby Hale, our two centenarians who have birthdays this week. What a pleasure it was to chat with these two women, who always have something uplifting to say to me. I came away from these conversations with an important message, that is, to live and appreciate each day we are given, to the fullest. Hearing this from them, reinforced for me this period of grace we are living in, given our current situation in the world.

There are days when we look forward to getting up and doing things we want or need to do; and feeling good about our accomplishments. Then there are times when it is not so easy, when situations such as our health, and other circumstances impact how we approach and go through our day. To feel sick, be in pain, grieve the loss of a loved one, or feeling overwhelmed with life, are the things that make it hard to live through a day and appreciate it to its fullest. I am sure all of us can relate to some of these experiences. 

During this pandemic I have come to realize that waking up in the morning is pure grace, that we are here for a purpose, and that we have the opportunity to connect with one other on a deeper level. So, listening to our centenarians, who would admit that they have lived a long life, it makes so much sense to hear that each day is a gift to them. They are so grateful to just have one more day added to their lives. But it dawned on me that each day during this pandemic is a gift to us as well, and that no day should be taken for granted. 

I very much enjoy reading about Jesus’ conversations with individuals He encountered on His journeys. He made it look so easy, especially when some of the people He talked with, would probably be the kind of people we would want to avoid, right? His life was not easy, as we know. Despite that.... (click here to read more)