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Welcome to the Barre Congregational Church United Church of Christ (BCCUCC) website. BCCUCC is a center for community where we live the statement of ministry printed each week in the worship bulletin --

"The mission of the Barre Congregational Church is to serve God, and to spread the word and love of God's risen son, Jesus Christ, to all people through Christian faith and unity. By our words and actions, we will bring love, hope, and acceptance to family and neighbors, respecting all differences and diversities." 

We live according to our statement of ministry in order to bring hope, justice, and love to people wherever they are on their path to knowing The Lord, Jesus Christ, whose ministries of compassion, extravagant hospitality, and love inspire us. 
Welcoming & Serving the Quabbin Area
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A Message From Pastor Margaret

​Fall Colors, the Fragrance of Wreaths, 
Secret Pen Pals and more!

During the last ten days I noticed, as I looked 
through the bedroom window over the garden, 
the gradual fading of colors, and of light. At 
times the leaves of the red maple tree appear to 
be a deep brown, mixed in with a faded green, 
and at other times a deep red color. By 5:00 p.m., the 
sun disappears behind the tree in front of the house, falling swiftly towards the horizon, in stark contrast with the long summer stretch, when it would give my hydrangeas a little more time to bask in the late afternoon sun. The cherry tomatoes are working hard, giving us a few more crops perhaps, before the cooler, crisp weather will take over. Our basil did not survive as usual, when I would bring them in to last us through the first weeks of December. We picked the last few leaves for our final summer tomato basil dish last night. This week I started to pack away some of my summer clothes, to get ready for the cooler weather, and I suddenly realized the difference in color and fabric between my summer and fall/winter clothes.

Fall is about the beginning stages of dormancy for the vegetation and nature in general, but it is also about beautiful colors, new life and vibrancy for many as we plan our activities for the new year.

I am amazed at the exuberance here at church! Everyone is planning their exciting schedules. I already received my first pen pal letter for the secret pen pal initiative by the Stewardship Committee, and Stewardship is moving forward with their campaign for the new year, celebrating our differences and diversities. Christian Education presented us with their plans for the months ahead, and there are exciting talks among Committee members about the upcoming fair in December, such as the new tablecloths that have been ordered for the tea that morning, as well as discussions surrounding the specifics for the Christmas wreaths... a great activity where everyone works together in the large room with the fresh fragrance of pinecones, holly berries, and fresh cut bows.

While all this new life is emerging after a restful and low-key summer, there is the behind the scenes activity of preparing leaders for the new year. On Monday evening it was an honor to install the new officers for our Women’s Fellowship. The event was a reminder of the Divine call and purpose we have in service of God and the church. I was surrounded by women of purpose, whether it be hospitality, looking ahead towards the upcoming months, and the sharing of a trip to Europe. For those who committed to leadership, the call is clear. They have been blessed by the Holy Spirit and strengthened for the ministry they have been called to and equipped with everything good to do God’s will. They have received authority to execute the office they have answered to. They embraced their call and duties for the year ahead, and we are grateful for their service and commitment. Likewise, we are grateful for the Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, all committee leaders and every member who come to serve this congregation.

We will together embrace this season with hope for new life and continued service.

God’s richest blessings,

Pastor Margaret 
When you leave the church, please make sure all lights are turned off and the doors are locked.
Please make sure if you bring food into the church, that you take home what you don’t use. Don’t leave it in the refrigerator.

Please check with Ann or Wendy if you would like to donate an item to the church. Thank you for your cooperation.

From the Diaconate
​The Deacons continue to work 
with Pastor Margaret on our 
worshipping together and extending 
our love out into our community. 
Pastor Margaret will be with
us every Sunday for the entire 
month of October. We would like 
to have a Church-wide Potluck 
Supper and also a Day-Long Retreat.

​From the Church Committee
Thank you to the Missions 
Committee, that will financially support the replacement of the kitchen ceiling in Fellowship Hall. Work should be beginning soon. We have two options, and have decided to go with the drop ceiling design.

Cooler weather is fast approaching. The heat will
be turned on in the coming weeks. The thermostats
need battery replacements and re programmed.
The outside water will soon be shut off as we prepare to winterize the church. In the meantime, please dress accordingly for the weather.
October Worship Services
Worship and Sunday School at 9:30 am

Sunday, October 7, 2018 ~ Twentieth Sunday of Pentecost - Communion Sunday /Sunday School
Deacon—Marsha Bray 
Pastor Margaret Keyser, preaching

Sunday, October 14, 2018 ~Twenty-first Sunday of Pentecost 
Sunday School Choir directed by Scott Bryant Ward Holloway III, drums & Craig Morin, guitar
Deacon— Lisa Holloway
Pastor Margaret Keyser, preaching

Sunday, October 21, 2018 ~ Twenty-second Sunday of Pentecost
Sunday School
Deacon— Janice Handrahan
Pastor Margaret Keyser, Preaching

Sunday, October 28, 2018 ~ Twenty-third Sunday of Pentecost– Sunday School
Stewardship Sunday, Secret Pal Reveal
Choir directed by Karla Peterson,
Deacon— Steve Morrall
Pastor Margaret Keyser Preaching